Re-Inspire Breathing Tribe


Once you unlock the POWER of the breath you’ll wonder why you weren't optimizing the most basic of  human functions SOONER!


 Re-Inspire Breathing Tribe will introduce you to the most powerful tool your body has to offer… your breath! 


  • Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a room with confidence knowing that whatever came at you, you could handle?

  • What would become possible for you if you didn't FEAR conflict but instead attacked it HEAD ON from a place of clarity and poise?

  • How would your relationships change if you could communicate from a grounded, centered place?

  • What would it feel like to have your day under control and for you to feel grounded rather than jumping from one task to another just to feel like you completed NOTHING all day long?

  • AND What will it feel like to be PROACTIVE about your health and wellness rather than REACTIVE?

TAPPING INTO YOUR BREATH can do all of this and MORE!

Hi, I'm Johnny 

I am a certified Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Instructor. I help entrepreneurs, athletes, and high-level performers increase their productivity and de-stress their days without spending HOURS on self-care by INTRODUCING THEM TO THE POWER OF BREATHING! 


I am inspired to bridge the gap and educate those who may have little knowledge or a misconception to what yoga, breath work, mindfulness, conscious movement is really about or to enhance those seeking to delve deeper into all modalities.




By joining me and my TRIBE you will gain:

  • Breathing exercise to manage ANXIETY, STRESS, CONFLICT, FOCUS, ANGER, FRUSTRATION and more...



What the tribe members have to say:

This TRIBE will allow YOU to:

  • Learn first hand from an experienced licensed breathworker 
  • Be a part of a community
  • Increase confidence focus on clarity
  • Connect with your breath and all the benefits that has to offer
  • Increase confidence in difficult conversations (with boss, with spouse, with kids, with co-workers with relatives)



What you get: 

  • Facebook group with weekly video upload with breathing exercise and description

  • Access to library of videos

  • Monthly live breathing sessions with Johnny

  • Access to 7 day Mini Breathing Course

  • Journal prompts

  • Self Improvement with like minded people


Before I started the breathing tribe I was not focused on my breathing every day because I got bored of the exercises I was practicing on my own (because I just found them online). I love the way that Johnny sets up this program with intentional techniques and how I can take the exercises and utilize them in my morning routine and during the day. I recently quit my full time job and moved into the entrepreneur space. I mentioned this to Johnny on one of my calls with him and he said “make sure you breathe… before you go in and talk, take the time to go to the bathroom and take a few breaths before you walk into the office” and he was right… I went into my meeting feeling grounded, intentional and knew what I wanted to come across. It sounds silly but when I reflect on that tough situation I have to give credit to the breathing for making that conversation go differently than the other tough conversations I’ve had to have. I’ve taken THAT advice with me and continue to learn and grow from the wise words of johnny. I HIGHLY recommend any program johnny has to offer as I know he gives his highest heart, soul and energy into what he does! 




- Bethany Kovo